• John Fiorella


In 2004, super-fly filmmaker Gabe Sabloff and I were reminiscing about Ghostbusters when we started brainstorming a movie with a similar tone. Over the next eight months, Brian Turner and I reshaped the concept into a screenplay, titled WITCH HUNT.

LOG LINE: A group of rag-tag witch hunters recruit a new team member and set off to stop a five-hundred year-old nasty with her sights set on debauchery.

Gabe whipped up a fun movie poster, and Shane Donahue sketched a colorful character line-up for a comic book adaptation.

At one point, I had this project set up with a modest budget at Dark Horse Entertainment, but it got sidelined. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not it’ll ever get made, but the script still has what it takes to bring about the rectification of the Vuldronaii before taking the form of a giant Slor!!