• John Fiorella


On one particular Sunday of the year, I gather the most scrumptious treats known to man and throw them into one gigantic bowl. This assembly of goodies have become known throughout the nerd commonwealth as “Thee Super Bowl.”

Every year, it takes a slightly different shape, with new additions mixed in with reckless abandon. This marks the 16th year of this gluttonous tradition, with only two exceptions: once when I dated a model and we filled the bowl with fruit, freakin' fruit on Super Bowl Sunday, and many years later when my daughter commandeered the bowl for her stuffed poodle & pals.

This year, we're doubling up on cupcakes and adding Pringles to the mix!

Another year, another bowl...

Whoever you’re routing for, grab a bowl, concoct a legendary mix, and celebrate the game in grand ol' American style!