• John Fiorella


Nothing defines a great hero quite like a great villain. Luke Skywalker had Darth Vader. Dorthy had the Wicked Witch. But who’s the greatest James Bond villain of all time? Goldfinger? Blofeld? I would argue that we’ve yet to see Bond take on the ultimate foe, and there’s only one person on the planet that can fill those shoes. Picture this…

The movie opens with an OLD MAN making tea, when – a mysterious ASSASSIN slips into the old man’s house and goes on the attack. But this is no ordinary old man... it’s SEAN CONNERY! (Yes, I know he’s officially retired, but I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that, with a master director at the helm, and a fat paycheck in hand, Connery would jump at the chance to slip back into the character that made him an international icon).

Despite the assassin’s speed and strength, Connery defends himself like no other, treating the audience to the greatest, action-packed opening scene to a Bond film, bar none. Walls come down, gadgets abound - but alas, the assassin is too cunning and Connery meets his demise. Enter DANIEL CRAIG.

Craig learns about the murder of Connery, and before him, the untimely death of ROGER MOORE. It’s now up to Craig to stop the assassin before he erases another Bond alum – TIMOTHY DALTON.

Can you see where this is all going? Wrap your head around this: James Bond is a moniker given to the greatest British agent in Mi6. With the passing of time, the namesake is handed down from generation to generation – only now, someone is killing every master spy that has ever held the title.

Daniel Craig gets to Dalton just in time and the two join forces to stop the assassin, which we discover is none other than PIERCE BROSNAN!! (Yes, he’s made it known that he got burned by the franchise on the way out the door, but for the sake of making the greatest action movie in cinematic history, along with a sizable paycheck, he would have to come back). What's Pierce's motivation to wage war on his countrymen? I can't spoil everything, that would ruin the movie!!

Bond V Bond. There simply is no equal. And what better way is there to satisfy the Bond fans of the past while opening the door to the future Bond being played by a different race or gender? Not that a black or female Bond needs to be explained in some cringeworthy manner, but there's something epic in the notion that all the Bonds, from every movie, are all part of a larger timeline.

In my less than humble opinion, this movie would redefine the franchise and make more money than the last 3 Bond movies combined. Hey, Barbara and Michael Broccoli, gimmie the green light and I’ll get you a first draft.