• John Fiorella


I was 33-years-old when I first got introduced to the board game RISK - and I loved it!! At the time, I was hooked on a wildly imaginative card game that changed the way you played chess, titled KNIGHTMARE CHESS. And thus... NIGHTMARE RISK was born!

Over the course of one weekend, I scribbled out 50 cards, haphazardly cut & paste them onto some red card stock, laminated them at Kinkos, and brought them to the next gathering of geeks. The game play was simple: anytime you earned a Risk card, you got a Nightmare Risk card along with it - and over the last decade, we haven't played without them since!

If only I had the time, it'd be awesome to design an add-on pack of zany cards that heightened everyone's favorite Risk game: Star Wars Nightmare Risk, Lord of the Rings Nightmare Risk, Game of Thrones Nightmare Risk... the possibilities are endless!!