• John Fiorella


Is there any greater thrill than being blindsided by 2 minutes of finely tuned cinematic glory? The movie trailer is an art form, and when its done right, it can sometimes prove more powerful than the movie its promoting. The following videos represent what I consider the 10 best movie trailers ever made.

BATMAN, 1989

This trailer isn’t gonna win any editing awards, but it completely caught me off guard. I saw it at a time before the invention of the internet - before we knew every detail about every summer blockbuster. I was blindsided and simply in awe. Yes, that technically makes this a sentimental favorite, but the end of this trailer still delivers with what feels like you’re about to witness the ultimate battle of good versus evil.


I should’ve paid more attention to all the shots of people crying. This movie is miserable! I love you, Christopher Nolan. Your direction is out of this world, but even with Hans Zimmer pounding on his keyboard, this movie is just so dog-gone depressing. And why?! Look at this trailer! You’ve got guys walking on walls and fruit stands exploding! This movie should tip the awesome scales and leave me breathless! Instead, it makes me wanna curl into a ball and eat Cheetos until my fingernails bleed orange.


Now this teaser brings the fun! It puts you behind the scenes and gives you a glimpse at something great in the making. I love how raw it is and how little we know about the plot. All we know is that it’s Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Indiana Jones – which is all that's needed to get us back in the theater.

NICE GUYS, 2016 - red band trailer, NSFW

This trailer is flawless, with vivid characters, hilarious dialogue and the extraordinary direction of Shane Black. It really isn’t fair - these three minutes are so laugh out loud funny and ridiculously cool, the movie simply can't fill its shoes.


I wish I had never seen this trailer! Had I not already witnessed Tom Cruise clinging to the door of a real Airbus as it lifted off the runway, and, instead, experienced that for the first time when seeing the film, I would’ve promptly left the theater and tattooed “I LOVE ETHAN HUNT” across my chest. Regardless, this is an epic trailer for an awesome flick.


Now this is what someone who has complete control over the process does. They produce a teaser for the movie that doesn’t involve one lick of actual footage!! It’s everything you need. Here’s the formula: Pre-Governor Arnold + Terminators = THE ENTIRE WORLD PAYING TO SEE YOUR MOVIE. Hey Studios, if you’re listening, this is how you get people in the seats and deliver an incredible, spoiler-free theatrical experience.


Here, the studio throws everything into the trailer, and, from a business perspective, it works: bringing about the biggest James Bond box office cash grab to date. Unfortunately, no movie can show you that many key moments and still knock your socks off. The trailer, however, is remarkable, especially the moment where Berenice Marlohe warns about the unparalleled wickedness of the super villain. Sooooo intense.


Umm... SPOILERS! Once again, the studios are so obsessed with getting you in the theater opening weekend, that they thieve the movie-going audience of what would've been pure cinematic bliss. I can only imagine how mind-numbing this movie would’ve been had I thought I was going to see a stoic little drama. Alas, the movie still delivers despite the trailer spoiling half a dozen scenes, though it's the marketing team that takes all the glory, editing a trailer riddled with one breathtaking moment after another.

MILK, 2008

Holy freakin' emotional roller coaster... this trailer hits you in the gut and yet, miraculously, it isn’t depressing. It makes you feel inspired, ready to fight and hopeful. On top of all that, it's masterfully edited. This trailer is truly a work of art.


WOW! WOW! WOW! Forest Whitaker brings the heat! The sound design, the choice of shots, the pacing, the dialogue... just incredible. And it all builds to this quiet moment that suggests that the main character may succumb to the Dark Side. Amazing. I don’t know the whole story as to why most of what makes this teaser great isn’t in the actual movie, but sweet, barbecued Jawas on a stick… this teaser is stupendous!!