• John Fiorella


Wouldn't it be awesome if we could make bald superhero dolls for the thousands of kids afflicted with cancer every year?

In 2012, Mattel led the way with Ella, a Barbie inspired doll that helps children cope with the difficulties of losing their hair through chemotherapy. This toy empowers young girls by reflecting a mirror image that they can relate to, while serving as a great tool to help parents explain the steps for treatment. But Ella shouldn't be an anomaly.

Void of their hair, Superman and Wonder Woman would serve as a beacon of hope to kids tasked with fighting this terrible illness. Artist Ian Hannin took these maquettes, designed by Bruce Timm, and, with a little photoshop, shows you what these heroes might look like in their battle against cancer.

If you've got the connections to see this brainstorm through to fruition, consider it yours and make it happen. If this can help just one kid, we all win.