• John Fiorella


Nerd confession #942: I’ve never seen an episode of Macross.


However, my good pal Ian Hannin grew up watching the anime classic, and he was so enamored with the story, he reached out to the original creators at Big West about developing it into a live-action feature film.

In two weeks’ time, he had written a 70 page first act! With a solid month of toiling, together we cut it down to a tight 20 pages that paid honor to the animated series while spinning it into something original.

To get the creator’s attention, Ian reached out to Dan Luvisi, a ridiculously talented artist, to illustrate the one and only guy capable of commanding the show's legendary battle ship - the great Ken Wantanabe. Armed with this artwork and the first act, Ian secured a Letter of Intent for Ken to star in the film!

Unfortunately, without any money behind it, the project ran out of steam - but that doesn’t change the fact that Ken was born to defeat the Zentradi, perform the Daedalus Maneuver, and rock the coolest space uniform this side of Voldor!