• John Fiorella


As a father of a six-year-old girl, whenever I get the chance to listen to the news, I surf the internet for imagery of female characters that resonate strength. When I find a pic, I drop it into a folder of wallpapers and wait. Days later, I’ll hear my daughter gasp from across the room when she spots my screensaver as it fades from Indiana Jones to some blue-haired teenager with a look that says, “I’m in control.”

The other day I stumbled across the incredible work of Ross Tran, an artistic whiz kid who digitally paints portraits that embody both beauty and brawn.

What I love most, is the posture of his characters - it's subtle yet defiant, with everything steering your focus to the eyes, which radiate fearlessness. I only wish Ross would occasionally throw us old guys a bone and paint Ripley, Scully, or Lois Lane (circa 1978).

Like his art, Ross himself is a vivid character, as seen on his Youtube channel, Ross Draws. Find the time and check him out - the lightning speed in which he works is freakin' amazing.