• John Fiorella


How in blazes does he do that??

This is the question I find myself asking when I look at the artwork of Gregory Manchess, a masterclass painter with a boundless imagination. There’s a looseness to his brushstrokes that mask the details, while still delivering a riveting image infused with emotion. And when he’s not painting for the cover of Time Magazine or one of the countless A-list brands that he’s been hired to beautify, he’s forging science fiction treasures, painting otherworldly encounters that challenge the viewer to cobble their own story as to what’s unfolding on the canvas before them.

Take “Ambush” painted in 2013. I can’t help but ask the question: is this space scoundrel headed to the top of this ridge to take up a position and lay siege to a cabinet of moon emissaries? Or is this the last of a team of space marines racing to flee an alien assault?

In addition to being a phenomenal artist, what makes Greg unique is his active pursuit to share his creative process with aspiring artists – and all without charging them a dime. He doesn’t just respect the art form, he’s fathering it by strengthening the creative community with countless blog posts and contributions to Muddy Colors; an online gathering place for artists from all walks of life.

His most recent labor of love, titled “Above the Timberline,” has just hit the shelves and is a must see. It tells the story of a daring mountain explorer and his polar bear pack, featuring 123 magnificent oil paintings. This book has it all: sleek snowmobiles, gargantuan griffins and breathtaking vistas that will send your soul skyward.

You can see more of Greg's eye-popping artwork here. Trust me, it’s worth a visit.