• John Fiorella


To a seven-year-old, the arcade was a holy sanctum. Donkey Kong, Centipede, Galaga… these weren’t just games, they were trials by fire! Leap the oncoming barrels and avoid the intergalactic space bees or meet your demise!

It wasn't long before the arcade came home and my cousins and I flew Snowspeeders, thwarted bomb-dropping hoodlums, and painstakingly returned E.T. to his distant land.

Little did I know that in 1984, my passion for video games would reach a tipping point with Activision's greatest adventure: PITFALL II. Barring the occasional pee break, I spent twelve hours hopping scorpions and ducking bats before I beat the game. In doing so, I unknowingly purged my desire to ever play a video game again!! Or so I thought...

Thirty-four years later, my inner-gamer was back and nerdier than ever. Only, these aren’t just games, they’re mind-altering experiences!! If you haven’t strapped into the world of Virtual Reality, I’m tellin’ you… you can’t fathom what you’re missing.

VR is the future. Point blank, hands down, no question about it – this is where the planet is headed. It’s completely immersive! Wanna pilot the Falcon? Or maybe you'd prefer to fly on the back of a giant eagle? Or take the Batmobile for a spin? YOU CAN DO IT ALL.

It’s only a matter of time before we’re consuming all media through this technology. Why watch the Super Bowl from your couch when you can put on the goggles and be in the huddle? Or if Olympic bobsledding is your thing, why not join 'em for the ride?! Don’t believe me? Check out these 5 games and prepare to have your mind blown.


Wait… so, I’m a spirit helping this little mouse travel around town? Yup, and it’s awesome! Fireflies abound as you make your way through the forest and help your adorable little friend solve puzzles that lead from one beautiful environment to the next. The vibrant colors, the gorgeous detail… simply staggering.


It’s impossible not to smile when a sweet, humongous griffin towers over you!


You are a metallic beetle traveling down a track at breakneck speed. But don’t let the rockin’ beat distract you! You’re on a mission to defeat the psychedelic light monsters trying to bring about your doom!!


Prepare yourself for a carnival ride gone awry. This was my first foray into the world of VR and it knocked me over. Look at your hands – you’re holding guns! Why would I need guns… GOOD GRAVY, THAT’S TERRIFYING!! This game will mess with your mind. The rollercoasters feel real, the nightscapes are amazing, and there’s so many wickedly fun baddies that you’re bound to jump out of your seat. Literally.


This is the coolest game ever invented!!! You’re in a white warehouse trying to fend off red scoundrels made of glass. What’s your weapon?? TIME!! You control time with how fast or slow you move – it’s like doing Tai Chi, only with your life hanging in the balance! This game is so engrossing, that at one point, after ducking behind a table to avoid a volley of gunfire, I stood up and leaned on the table to get a better shot – completely forgetting that the table wasn’t really there, and WAP – fell straight on my face!!

And this is just the beginning. It won't be long before the picture quality improves, the eyewear becomes less cumbersome, and we're living in the world of Blade Runner.